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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The 'Girls' wardrobe

Now that opens the third season of 'Girls', I've found a good time to delve into the style of its four protagonists. I follow the series since its inception and I am fan, but for those who have not seen it you look forward to each of its four protagonists has a completely different style, so I propose four looks inspired by the main characters that you choose with which you identify more.

Jessa is the typical hippie-bohemia - free spirit. On this basis her looks tend to be fairly predictable and it is customary to bring ethnic patterns, long skirts and - although this is not so boho-, it is usual to see her wear large hats in the episodes of the series. Therefore I have opted for a wide crop-top with long skirt and cardigan ethnic, giving it the "Jessa" with Asos hat.

The case of Marnie is radically different. She is the "perfect Lady" (if you follow the series, know that it is annoyingly perfect), always with looks clean, sober and sensual at the same time. Series stylists usually opt for monochromatic dresses tight to the body and shoes for this character, always combined with discrete accessories.

The character of Shoshanna is the innocent girl who comes to the big city and discovers a new world at the same time that discovers itself. His children's features are reflected in their costumes with microestampados or collars baby and his image also highlights hairstyles funny, headdresses or tiaras striking.

Which do not follow the series might have thought seeing this look that nothing makes sense. Perfect, I've done well. Hannah style is everything, because she gets anything as fancy and, in fact, tends to carry garments that less favour him and mixes quite impossible: shirt maroon with flowers as a jacket with a wide shirt, high printed shorts, oxfords and satchel are easy to imagine it. But, what not would be Hannah?

Have you seen the series? Maybe you do not authenticate with any look because these girls have a very personal style, but what is your favorite?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hairstyles to make your own fix you hair

Fashion trend is to wear natural hair and simple hairstyles

Unstructured hairstyles trend frees us from this rigorous neatly in our hair and allows us to play more fixing it. Queues of horse, half tail, runners and braids are options that you can simply styling yourself and very chic at any party.

What are new year's Eve celebrations do not you run hairdressing hairdressing!
Remember that the current trends in hairstyles make a hair more natural and simple, away from the tight chignons and fasteners such as hair gels.

The pony tails or half tail (only the top half of your hair taken) look very beautiful if you do it with the stripe of hair side and forms as a fringe with the same, then a little tousled hair that falls and will look great. Braids have that Bohemian style and are so romantic that all its variants will make you to see beautiful and feminine. If the impeller is your choice, choose the high style of the Knit Knot that is sophisticated and let your sensual bare neck.

Tell us which option you like most to wear these hairstyles at parties!

It looks healthy, strong and shine hair

The hair is the best and the only framework that will highlight the beauty of your face.

I wanted to start the week with our look of the week section, giving our hair in jib. Why? Why I think that many women only care about having fashion cut or dye fashion, regardless of whether it will or not with his face or skin color. Often they overlook the care of the only framework that enhances the beauty of your face, healthy hair shows that you are a woman who is concerned about every part of his body and takes into account when it comes to clothing, to create the perfect walking artwork.

Clothing and accessories make up a look, but never to forget the look that we want to give our hair or makeup. When women manage a healthy and well-groomed, hair worn loose will not be a problem since a hair with shine, fall, movement, softness and volume will look how the actress Eva Mendes looks it. To achieve a hair with all these features just mentioned you should invest in innovative beauty products as the new line of Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a range of products for the care and strengthening of the hair.

You can never always opt for quality products for your hair. Do you dare to try?