live show: Hairstyles to make your own fix you hair

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hairstyles to make your own fix you hair

Fashion trend is to wear natural hair and simple hairstyles

Unstructured hairstyles trend frees us from this rigorous neatly in our hair and allows us to play more fixing it. Queues of horse, half tail, runners and braids are options that you can simply styling yourself and very chic at any party.

What are new year's Eve celebrations do not you run hairdressing hairdressing!
Remember that the current trends in hairstyles make a hair more natural and simple, away from the tight chignons and fasteners such as hair gels.

The pony tails or half tail (only the top half of your hair taken) look very beautiful if you do it with the stripe of hair side and forms as a fringe with the same, then a little tousled hair that falls and will look great. Braids have that Bohemian style and are so romantic that all its variants will make you to see beautiful and feminine. If the impeller is your choice, choose the high style of the Knit Knot that is sophisticated and let your sensual bare neck.

Tell us which option you like most to wear these hairstyles at parties!

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